Tour around Mont Blanc – let the journey begin!

— Written by Giedrius on

“Seven valleys, 71 glaciers, 400 summits:  the Mont Blanc range is inspiring. This tour offers some great technical stretches, and the physicality of the route is sure to please any mountain biker up for a challenge. ” writes

“Unforgettable dream tour on the “white giant”! – the Mont Blanc roundtrip is harder than granite.  Still to defeat the White Giant and the highest Summit in the Alps is a must at least once in a lifetime!” –

Tomorrow is the day.. Tomorrow we will take our backpacks and leave for Switzerland. I am excited. To tell the truth I have never been so excited about any other bike tour I have ever made. Maybe it’s because this one is different, this time we will have to carry everything we need on our shoulders. Clothes for every possible weather, which is quite unpredictable in the Alps, replacement parts, nutrition, etc.

Will everything fit?

Those who know me well will agree that I am not a planner, that’s why I used to stick to one day tours which did not require much planning and worrying what to take and what to leave behind. This one’s different. To stuff all you need in 30 liter backpack is not straight forward. When I put all the gear on the floor I was shocked – “there is no freakin way I will get it all in my backpack”  I thought and started Youtube’ing “how to pack a backpack” and boy, did I learn a lot! I am not advertising VAUDE (yet), but at this point I am pleased and my heartbeat dropped a bit. There’s one thing less to worry about.

Bag is packed - ready to go!

I still have to change the tires, oil the chain, check the cables and brakes..  Tomorrow will be the first time I will leave my FAMILY for longer than a day.. that scares me more than the most difficult ascent on the Mont Blanc. Wish me good luck, everything else I am carrying with me!

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