Year One

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Wow.. how did it happen that an entire year passed since we got married? The time just flew by… that’s probably the reason that this blog didn’t see any new posts since January. Somehow we didn’t come up with a good story to post. There were no trips or holidays, not really something to share with the online world. Yet there we’re a lot of happy moments, a birth and there’s big joy about our newborn. He’s just too cute – we would like to share a million of pictures of him with everybody everytime, but we decided to keep him out of the world wide web for now. Being parents challenges us as a couple at times (and sure it will in the future) but it adds so much more we didn’t know existed. It was a year in which adventures happened at home mostly.

Giedrius and Tamara

Looking back on this time being married I’m asking myself what changed. Nothing really, I would answer at first. It’s only been a year and except that we can look back on a brilliant day with so many positive emotions, we stayed the same. Everyday life stayed everyday life, marriage didn’t change our personalities. It didn’t erase our bad habits and it didn’t add too many good ones, unfortunately. But when I look at it closely this is not the entire truth. We stayed the same, but it’s not just „you“ and „me“ anymore – in so many ways it became a family thing, which is beautiful. We manifested the wish of being and staying together.

Sitting in the garden

Our first anniversary passed calmly. We enjoyed the great weather and stayed in the garden mostly. We also put on our wedding shoes for a little family photo shoot. You might have spotted it on Facebook – didn’t expect so many likes!

Converse for all of us.

The resume of the post card present we got from my friend K. wasn’t too positive unfortunately. The idea was that our wedding guests send us a postcard every week throughout the first year. So we should have 52 postcards by now, but we only got 21 of them.


They were sent from Austria, Lithuania, Italy, Spain and Russia and we were delighted to receive every single one of them. So if you remember now that you have that nice little postcard somewhere that you forgot to send – better late than never! ;) Also feel free to send us a letter, postcard or a photo without a reason.

Cards on kitchen cabinets

We love snail mail and we treasure it all, like the greeting cards that we received for our wedding and that we archived in a box with wedding memories. But before putting them away every postcard is of course displayed in our kitchen!

Box full of wedding memories

I’m looking forward for year two now and I’m curious what it will bring. A lot of good blog-stories hopefully ;)

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