Christmas gift fever

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Finally after many years of efforts, supermarkets with their advertising and festive showcases won the war in convincing me that Christmas is close even though it is only the middle/end of November. Especially on the ugly weather, when it’s  warm and cozy inside I remember that Christmas mood, Christmas markets and the smell of punch, comfortable winter slippers (“Potschn”) and many other nice things..

But not everything is so nice about Christmas. Since the presence of family and friends is not enough of a gift for most of us, every year we are caught up in time consuming, unrewarding and mostly expensive gift search fever. We squeeze our brain looking for ideas, ask friends for suggestions, march through the shopping malls just to leave empty-handed like the year before…

As I have mentioned, this year it hit me quite early (relatively), that I have to be the clever one and take the time in order to calmly address this complicated task and to avoid the situation, when due to my laziness I have to look for the present for my wife on the last day. (Don’t worry, darling – that has never happened! – yet :)

Tamara has always said that I have a lot of ideas for gifts so this year I have decided to write a list with 100 gift ideas which from my perspective and with my likes could be a cool surprise for a wife/girlfriend, family member or a friend on Christmas morning (ok Austrians – you can’t wait till the morning :)

Before I start – the ideas are very subjective and based on the things that I got, would like get or I hope I will get for this Christmas. There will be no abstracts like a voucher (Gutschein) or generalities like a Swiss knife (maybe some other knife ;)). So here we go – if you have managed to read so far then go ahead – who knows – a miracle may happen and this year you will manage to get all the presents in time ;)


100 possible presents

  1. Set of nice Schnapps, wine or Martini glasses
  2. Tickets to Cabaret
  3. Cappuccino coffee milk frother and mixer
  4. Quality cook’s knife (Wüsthof Classic 6-Inch Cook’s Knife would be first on my list)
  5. ÖAMTC Fahrsicherheitstraining
  6. Freeway Vignette for 2015
  7. A Book by Harald Welzer –  “Selbst denken: Eine Anleitung zum Widerstand“
  8. Tickets to chamber orchestra concert
  9. Skiing gloves
  10. Woodworking, metalwork or any other class that the person likes (WIFI, BFI)
  11. A funny t-shirt
  12. A box of capsules or tabs for a coffee machine
  13. Tickets to “Piano Guys” concert
  14. IKEA “Strandmon” Wing chair (if you want to be perfect – don’t forget the footstool ;)
  15. DAUM ergometer (I would go for 8008 TRS or Daum Premium 8i – if I could afford it..)
  16. Pull-up bar (Klimmzugstange)
  17. Set of magnets for hanging photos on the fridge or anywhere else
  18. Anti-slip cleats for shoes
  19. Parking heater for a car (Standheizung fürs Auto) – I am thinking that maybe I should give it for myself for Christmas :)
  20. Movie “The Fault in Our Stars” (“Das Schicksal ist ein mieser Verräter”) together with a box of handkerchiefs
  21. Quality joint and a promise to smoke it together ;)
  22. A plotter (mmm… nice toy)
  23. Book by Mark Lauren – “You Are Your Own Gym: The Bible of Bodyweight Exercises” (there is also a German version)
  24. Bottle of gooood olive oil
  25. Warm winter slippers
  26. Quality LPs
  27. Winter tires for the bike
  28. Salt or pepper grinder
  29. Boxing bag with gloves (be sure your “fighter” has a place where he/she can hang the bag)
  30. Crafting tools & supplies
  31. CD “White Elephants” by the band “Listen to Leena”
  32. Envelopes, post stamps and letter paper
  33. Bouquet from different types of pasta
  34. Glühwein spices & bottle of Glühwein
  35. Sleeping mask with cold/hot pack


  1. Massage hour (you can massage yourself or find a professional nearby)
  2. Gymnastic ball
  3. Warm fluffy blanket for cold winter evenings
  4. Squash or tennis match (get the shoes and racquet for the person and invite him for a match together)
  5. Pair of snowshoes
  6. Flavored (or natural) jar of honey & a wooden spoon, bigger than the jar :)
  7. Photo session
  8. Window ice scrapper with glove – pink for the ladies ;)
  9. Set of nice storage boxes for the kitchen (you could make them yourself)
  10. Pile of different jams for breakfast
  11. Darts (dartboard and darts for beginners or quality darts for Pros)
  12. Decorative wine bottles with Christmas lights inside (DIY)
  13. Voucher for thrift store (Gutschein für Trödelladen)
  14. Sunglasses or goggles for skiing
  15. Dinner in the dark
  16. Hand warmer for children carriage
  17. Self-made pillow filled with spelt or cherry stones (Dinkelkissen)
  18. Funny winter hat with ears
  19. Six pack (guys if you will make it till Christmas, I am sure that your lady will be very pleased. Girls – if you don’t find a six-pack, can also take a crate)
  20. Set of color pencils or crayons
  21. Wooden cooking utensils (large spoon, turner and slotted spoon)
  22. Box of homemade Christmas cookies
  23. Polaroid camera
  24. Mini blackboard for notes + chalk
  25. Card game
  26. Bottle of red Zweigelt (I would gladly have a bottle of  Reeh 2013)
  27. Jar full of walnuts
  28. Some casino chips (jetons) from the casino nearby
  29. Old-style kitchen scales
  30. Router for hobby woodworkers (Oberflächenfräser)
  31. Nice notebook or a calendar
  32. Knitted winter hat or a scarf
  33. Going ice skating together
  34. Blu-ray player
  35. A book by Tommy Jaud (very funny! “Hummeldumm” is Tamara’s favorite)
  1. A Mixtape
  2. Basket of fruits (don’t forget tangerines – it’s Christmas!)
  3. Photo printer
  4. Sledge (old style one would be much more impressive)
  5. Surprise trip for Silvester
  6. Funny socks
  7. Laser distance measuring tool
  8. Brand new Eisstock
  9. Pet (a dog or a cat would make some children truly happy)
  10. Incense sticks
  11. Vase(s) (I am sure that your girlfriend or your wife does not have enough of those)
  12. Children‘s kitchen
  13. Photo album of some activity you had together (summer of 2013?)
  14. Portable smartphone recharger
  15. Self-made Christmas ornaments
  16. Fluffy carpet to put near the bed
  17. Cookbook “Super Easy – Rezepte für junge Veggies” by Monika Sattrasai
  18. Jar of sugar beet syrup (mmmm..)
  19. (Cup)cake form for those who like to bake
  20. Set of necklaces with pendants saying “Pinky” and “Brain” – give “Pinky” to your partner ;)
  21. “Ears” to stick on the skiing helmet
  22. Thermos
  23. Laser cut wooden models (build it together!)
  24. Personalized document stamp (ex libris)
  25. Headlamp for night sledging, skiing, camping, biking…
  26. Self-made jar cakes
  27. Set of washi tapes
  28. Wackel-Elvis for a car (dogs’ fashion is over!)
  29. Cool tea infuser with a box of different teas
  30. Some snowman poop *


When the poop comes to my mind it means it’s time to finish :)

It would be quite amusing  to give a gift which include things in pairs (snow shoes, skis etc.) dividing it with somebody else. How would your friend react if you would give him one snow shoe? Think about it! I hope the list will help you out on this year’s Christmas quest. Don’t stress, enjoy and see you at the punch stand in Linz!

*in case you don’t know any snowman, you can always give some reindeer poop :D



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