Enjoying summer

— Written by Tamara on

Recently I couldn’t say much interesting happened. No real adventures. Five days a week we go to work, on the other two we are enjoying summer. The weather is quite pleasing this year. Most weekends we really have perfect weather for swimming and relaxing. That doesn’t make me very productive for all the projects I have in mind, but I’m not complaining. When the sun is hot, the projects have to wait.



I’m not really a big fan of hot weather, but I try to enjoy it as much as I can (in other words: I try to survive). One thing I love about summer are tomatoes that have taste.. not just shop tomatoe water taste, but real true out-of-your-own-garden taste. It’s a dream. This year we have two plants of our own on the balcony – we were so proud of our first harvest.



One saturday evening we tried something different – outdoor “cinema”. I was unsure if Giedrius would agree to my new idea, but he did. Although I think he didn’t expect that I would bring half of the couch out on the balcony. You should try that – it’s awesome! The temperature was so much better than in our hot living room.


I’ll close this post with our summer song. Enjoy listening and don’t sweat too much!


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