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Picturesque – That’s the word which describes two things for me right now. Firstly, the cool venue you can see below – Wasserschloss Aistersheim – were we (the WEMSchT Gospelchoir) had a concert last sunday night together with the cute Bellafiori choir, the Weiberner Dreigsang and the Jeugland Koor from South Africa. The weather was so good it was kitschy and almost all seats were taken. Especially when it got dark there was an extraordinary atmosphere, that I really enjoyed. I wish I’d taken more pictures, but my phone was in my bag, which was in the middle of the crowd, where I couldn’t get it. All in all it was a really special concert – one of many this choir year. For me it’s such a gift to be part of it – so I’m also a bit sad now that we are having a break now. What will I do all summer long? In September we will start with a new repertoire, which I think will signify a new chapter for our choir. And a new challenge for me, because after all that rehearsing of the old repertoire I think I could clap in the right places even if somebody would wake me up in the middle of the night to test me.

Wasserschloss Aistersheim

Wasserschloss Aistersheim

Pictureque No. 2 is this wonderful bouquet we got from Andi and Tina from PermanentMoments. And if you look very close, in the second picture you can find a little USB-Stick with our wedding pictures on it. A really nice idea to hand them over to us like that! I better don’t tell you how awesome the pictures are – because then you’d probably want to see them immediately. But first I have to do the photo album. So, SOON.. I’m writing that publicly here, so you understand how serious I am about doing it soon (unlike my other photobooks… ooops).



Isn’t that all lekker*?

* that’s Afrikaans for “nice”, “great”, “wonderful”. I just learned that from my book “Südafrika 151”. Be sure to read the chapter “Passion Gap” if you ever have this book in your hands. I’m still… baffled :D Lekker is nice because it remindes me of “lecker” (=”tasty”) in German. Afrikaans should be the next language I learn, right after I speak Lithuanian fluently (which could still take a while though).

I have a lekker life! – Would also be a good title for this post. I’ll save it for later.


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  1. Giedrius says:

    All summer long? Hmm.. I guess you will spend nice summer days with me – I have a lot of suggestions for activities ;) I promise – they will not be boring!

  2. Richter Grimbeek says:

    Great Blog, please keep posting! You and Giedrius are an inspiration to us all!!!! Lekker man lekker!

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