Red and sweet findings

— Written by Tamara on


After my first week in the new work we started the weeking with sleeping long and later went on a small ride with our bikes. This time it was easier to motivate myself because I already knew that raspberries were waiting for us on the way. Giedrius found them some weeks ago and told me about it – but there were so much more than I expected.



Giedrius was top-motivated to pick berries, while I was mainly motivated to eat them right away. But there were more than enough to fill up the box we brought along.

IMG_2223  IMG_2240

On the way home we also visited my grandma. She has a big cherry tree in her garden with super-ripe cherries on it. Guess what we did?

IMG_2248 IMG_2243

Much to my grandma’s amusement Giedius picked the best cherries climbing the tree.

IMG_2252 IMG_2250

We also planted our pear tree today, which we got as a wedding gift from my ex-workcollegues. Now we are waiting for our first harvest..hehe. Well, could still take a while.



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